Four Artists, Four Distinct Styles

“Four Artists, Four Distinct Styles” exhibit of work by Gay Freeborn of Brownfield, Doug Houle of Augusta, Diane Noble of Biddeford and Kim Traina of Edgecomb will be on at the Dogfish Cafe on Free Street in Portland from April 30 to July 2.

GAY FREEBORN’s oil paintings convey an intimate understanding of animals and the human/animal bond connection. “I convey the motion, shape and love for the animal with loosely applied sweeping brushstrokes or pallet knife. Using glazing mediums, wax, chalk dust and thick over painting to sculpt subjects on the canvas, I bring them to life in an unconventional form.”

DOUGLAS HOULE paints dramatic images, in oils, of ordinary New England buildings, using light and color. “I recreate parts of towns and portray a surreal life of quiet and sereninty. I paint to create intimate relationships with historical structures, maintaining a certain measure of realism. I want you to live in every one of the rooms, within each window, and behind every possible door.” 

DIANE NOBLE’s acrylic landscape paintings focus on wide open spaces, fields with rivers beyond, coves, marshes, tidal pools and long beaches, boats, roads that go on forever. “There is something enlightening about staring at a blank canvas with an image in my head and the excitement about what will develop as I work and complete it.  It’s a joy of finding out what’s inside me.”

KIM SKILLIN TRAINA’s pastel paintings capture a feeling, a quality of light, a sense of spirituality and the essence of a moment in time found in nature. “Art, like life, is a work in progress, each piece I create is a study for the next, building intuition and opening to trust. My hope is to ignite a spark, stimulate a response, and convey my passion for this beautiful place I call home.”

Meet the four artists at Dogfish Cafe during Portland's First Friday Artwalks on May 5 and June 2.