Plein Aire Painting in Five Islands

Plein Aire Painting in Five Islands


About kim

In 1980, I received a BA in Photography and Visual Design from Southeastern Massachusetts University.  I have been a self employed graphic designer and photographer for 30 years. My business, Jumpstart Creative, helps Midcoast Maine businesses with design, photography and marketing strategies.

In my career as a graphic designer and photographer, my
toolbox has evolved from creating things by hand and
developing images in the darkroom, to creating on the
computer. As much as technology has opened a whole new world of creative tools, I still love working with my hands.

In 2011, I started painting with soft pastels.  I love the
intensity of the color, the ability to layer, and the feel of the medium as I work the pastels with my fingers. 

Both my pastels and my photography are about capturing a feeling, a quality of light, a sense of spirituality and the essence of a person or a moment in time. 

Making art is soul food for me - being outdoors, 
connecting with nature, creating in my studio, losing all sense of time and place.  

Art, like life, is a work in progress, each piece I create is a study for the next, building intuition and opening to trust.  
If I’m not painting “en plein-aire,”  I start with a photograph
I have taken, but the end result is always it’s own story. 
I hang my pastels in my studio for months, picking them up to add a color, or change a shape until the story that wants to be told is complete. 

Painting keeps me connected and focused, 
living in the moment, reminding me I have a choice in how I view the world around me.
As an artist, it is my hope to ignite a spark, 
stimulate a response, and convey my passion
for this beautiful place I call home.


Pastels are custom matted and framed with glass.

Matted prints available of most pastels and photography.


About the Pastel Medium

Pastel is powdered pigment rolled into round or square sticks and held together with methylcellulose, a non-greasy binder. I use my fingers to layer colors and blend.Sometimes, I use a brush to take away color, to reveal layers beneath. The paper I use has a toothed, ground surface that holds the pastel and allows me to lay down many layers of color. I often paint a wash of color on the paper before I begin. When protected by fixative and glass, pastel is the most permanent of all media because it never cracks, darkens, or yellows.